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Welcome to Home care service of Senior Citizens clinic

House Call Programme

House calls by physicians were once common, but have declined now due to a variety of circumstances. Previously,doctors were accessible to consult sick patients at their homes.

We are bringing that ancient concept back for the benefit of older individuals who have problems getting to hospitals and waiting in clinics for medical consultations.

The majority of senior individuals end up in hospital emergency rooms as a result of a delay in illness diagnosis and treatment while it is in its early stages.  This is largely due to issues such as poor health, lack of bystanders to accompany patients to the hospital, and lack of awareness about disease progress.

We aim to provide timely medical attention to older people in the form of geriatric physician consultations, as well as to do check-ups to patients suffering from chronic diseases in order to detect any worsening of the underlying condition and assess the need for specialist consultation or hospitalization.

We serve to patients residing in Changanacherry (daily), Thiruvalla (weekly once) and nearby areas.

Services Provided during Home Visits

  • Geriatric physician consultation at patient's home
  • Assessment of patient: measurement of vital parameters like pulse, blood pressure and systemic examination
  • Diagnosis and management of health conditions
  • Prescription of medications, with an emphasis on safety and affordability

  • Referrals for rehabilitation and coordination of physiotherapy
  • Preventive health care
  • Palliative care for bed ridden or terminally ill patients
  • Bystander education and counseling: regarding patient's health condition and outcome of disease, its complications etc.
  • Pain management
  • Comprehensive, patient-centered end-of-life care for the terminally ill

  • Telephone assistance in patient care / review visits as needed
  • Post hospital discharge doctor consultation

  • This service will be STRICTLY NON EMERGENCY and will be conducted according to the doctor's convenience.
  • Nursing care, catheter change, IV fluid management or wound care NOT INCLUDED in our service (presently)

Advantages of Our Home Consultation Facility

  • Experienced & Friendly Doctor
  • Appointment at a Convenient Time
  • Availability of Quality Medical Care
  • Expert Doctor consultation at your doorstep
  • Save on Traveling &  Medical Bills
  • Personal & Compassionate Medical Care to the Patient
  • Recover Sooner in Familiar Surroundings than in a Hospital

Why Home Visits Make Sense for Home bound Patients

Many homebound patients are never seen by their primary care physicians, despite being chronically ill with multiple symptoms.

These fragile patients often are invisible to the health care system until they are very ill and require hospitalization. One home visit to a person with chronic illness can shed light on the patient’s home environment, values, family life, and safety. That visit improves the physician’s ability to provide routine and palliative care.

Many of the home bound patients have limited life expectancies and they need delicate and clinical care and medical counseling about treatment options. These patients benefit from geriatric physician consult.

Medical house call programs improve the continuity of care between the home and the hospital, provide support and education to families or caregivers. Home visits alleviate suffering, reduce stress for caregivers, and avert costly trips to the emergency departments

Our Services 

Geriatric physician:  You can discuss your health issues with the doctor and receive treatment for your symptoms. Schedule your visit in advance by calling us at least one day in advance to reserve your time slot.

         Timing: 4pm to 6pm   (Mon- Sat)

Home consultation:  See a geriatrician at your home and get expert opinion on health care. Bedridden or ill patients who find it difficult to commute to the clinic are intended users of this service. We cover areas in and around Changanacherry (daily) and Thiruvalla (once weekly)

Palliative care service: symptom-based treatment for individuals with cancer, dementia, and other terminal illnesses. Aimed to protect the patient's quality of life by having a skilled geriatrician create a personalized care plan.

Online Tele Consultation service: Get doctor's help through Tele medicine. (For Follow up Patients only)

Diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia management

Memory clinic

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For Appointments and enquiry

About us

Senior Citizens clinic is led by Dr Aswin Rajeev who is a Geriatric specialist passionate in caring elderly patients. He has completed his post graduation in Geriatric Medicine from prestigious Amrita Institute of Medical sciences Kochi in 2016.

He is well experienced in handling medical as well as psycho social problems in elderly patients. 

His areas of interest are geriatric home care, life style diseases management, preventive geriatrics, palliative care and dementia care

What are advantages of home care?

Doctor consultation at comfort of your home, no waiting/queue, no difficulties in mobilizing a sick patient to clinic for doctor consult

Who will benefit from home care?

Elderly patients who have difficulty mobilization due to poor health condition 

Which are the common ailments that can be managed through home care?

Non emergency conditions, mobility issues, generalized tiredness, age related problems

Can I make use of home care for an emergency condition?

No, Management of emergency is advisable at an equipped hospital. 

How to make use of Home consultation facility?

1) Contact Doctor atleast 1 day prior to schedule appointment

2) Be ready with all your medical records such as hospital discharge letters, blood and scan reports etc for easy referral

3) Doctor will call you 30 min prior to scheduled time to confirm appointment.

4) Clarify your concerns regarding patient condition/ plan of care

5) Follow up will be decided by Doctor based on patient condition.

Is Home consultation very expensive?

It is not very expensive compared to a hospital visit which requires transport arrangements, bystander convenience, long wait period etc. 

Which areas are covered in Home care service?

We currently cover areas in and around Changanacherry and Thiruvalla.

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