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The medical field of Geriatric medicine focuses on treating older individuals. Due to the rise in older people and their challenges, it is becoming more and more important these days. There are very few specialists in the discipline because it is still in its infancy.

An expert Geriatric physician's input is essential in management of complicated problems in elderly patients since they can spot potential issues that could develop in elderly individuals receiving therapy for a certain condition and take precautions to avoid them. 

Even though there may not be a nearby Geriatric expert, a Telemedicine consultation with an expert Geriatrician can greatly assist families in making informed decisions about the elderly person's care.

Patients from all over Kerala can access our Tele Medicine services.. 

Health problems for which Online Consultation can be effectively utilized

Online consultation has its limitations since doctor can'tt examine the patient physically and rely only on history.

But it can be utilized effectively for certain conditions like:

> Clarifying doubts regarding disease process and medication use

> To know whether a symptom is significant in a patient with underlying chronic condition

> Counseling patient/ carers

> Diabetes control: adjust medicines/ Insulin

> Care plan formulation: for an elderly patient if in doubt regarding outcome of on going treatment

Our Services

Geriatric physician:  You can discuss your health issues with the doctor and receive treatment for your symptoms. Schedule your visit in advance by calling us at least one day in advance to reserve your time slot.

         Timing: 4pm to 6pm   (Mon- Sat)

Home consultation:  See a geriatrician at your home and get expert opinion on health care. Bedridden or ill patients who find it difficult to commute to the clinic are intended users of this service. We cover areas in and around Changanacherry (daily) and Thiruvalla (once weekly)

Palliative care service: symptom-based treatment for individuals with cancer, dementia, and other terminal illnesses. Aimed to protect the patient's quality of life by having a skilled geriatrician create a personalized care plan.

Online Tele Consultation service: Get doctor's help through Tele medicine. (For Follow up Patients only)

Diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia management

Memory clinic

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About us

Senior Citizens clinic is led by Dr Aswin Rajeev who is a Geriatric specialist passionate in caring elderly patients. He has completed his post graduation in Geriatric Medicine from prestigious Amrita Institute of Medical sciences Kochi in 2016.

He is well experienced in handling medical as well as psycho social problems in elderly patients. 

His areas of interest are geriatric home care, life style diseases management, preventive geriatrics, palliative care and dementia care

Is Tele consultation effective as normal doctor consultation?

No. It has its limitations since doctor makes diagnosis from history alone and is not able to examine the patient.

Who will be benefited from this service?

Elderly patients or their carers who like to get a Geriatricians input on management of disease condition or need clarifications in medication use like schedule ,dosing, opinion on continuation of certain medications etc.

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